gold dipped gold vermeil gold-filled how to jewelry care

We recommend that you clean your jewelry often with a soft jewelry cloth. Be sure to store your jewelry neatly in a dark, dry place.
To ensure proper care, it is imperative that you avoid exposing your pieces to chemicals, sulfur, chlorine, salt water, lotions, hair products, tanning products, fragrances, etc. Such chemicals can cause tarnishing, and affect the longevity of your pieces.
Gold-filled jewelry:
Gold-filled is the best option in regards to longevity, only after solid gold, containing 5% solid gold. Gold-filled jewelry can withstand day to day wear, when taken care of properly. 
Gold vermeil jewelry:
Vermeil refers to gold dipped jewelry that contains a sterling silver base. This is another great option, and often lasts a very long time. It is recommended to not wear vermeil jewelry in water of any kind. 
Gold dipped jewelry:
Gold dipped jewelry refers to a thick gold plating that contains a brass base. This is the most affordable option, and many trendy pieces are often gold dipped. It is recommended to remove all gold dipped jewelry at the end of the day, and avoid exposure to water of any kind.